Our Services

Field Trials & IOP

Field Testing evaluates the performance and behaviour of a terminal on live commercial networks in static and dynamic radio environments, providing a high level of understanding into a device’s real-world operation.

Certification Solutions

By utilising our network of global partners, Paragon are able to offer approval solutions for global and regional certification schemes and regulatory bodies.

GCF, PTCRB, Android Compatibility & Global Type Approval

Acceptance Testing

Every customer will have different needs and requirements, whether you’re selling directly to the end user of via a middle man such as a network operator or distributor. Meeting these requirements, particularly for a product with multiple customers, while maintaining test efficiency, can be a real challenge.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the key to your applications' success and acceptance by consumers. Let us assist you in launching a high-quality product faster! Treat your software to Paragon’s UX testing – our team are not only engineers but avid tech users - take advantage of “consumer reports” before your product reaches the consumer.

Applications Testing

Whether an application is embedded into a device or is made available for third party installation, it is essential that it always performs to the expected level, providing a flawless user experience and boosting user satisfaction and retention. We use a variety of techniques to ensure that this is the case for your applications.

Consultancy Services

Assessing the testing needs of a new product can ultimately be the deciding factor on its success. We can guide you through the decision-making process, helping you to interpret the benefits of the different testing styles we offer, ensuring your customers’ expectations will be exceeded and giving your device the highest chance of success in the market.

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