For any type of software, quality is the key to its success and acceptance by consumers.
Let us assist you in launching a high-quality product faster!

Using our extensive knowledge of a variety of device types we ensure your device or application performs to the highest possible level of quality. We design bespoke test plans, prioritising key test areas and adjusting test resource allocation to ensure that any discovered issues are reported and actioned on promptly, allowing your developers maximum time to work on a fix.

Usability & UX Testing

If a website, application or device interface does not meet the needs of its user or navigation is unclear and overly complicated, alternatives offered by competitors are often just a click away. Therefore, aspects like menu navigation or text to image ratio can be critical for customer experience and retention. Although developers and designers are experts when it comes to their company’s software and digital products, this involvement can inhibit provision of an unbiased view due to operational blindness.
To test the usability of your digital products, we construct typical tests in the form of use cases that are performed under real world conditions.

Interoperability Testing

Interoperability testing confirms that your device/technology is compatible with others, ensuring seamless operation and promoting cross-use functionality. This is especially important as modern technology is now often built into architectures made up of many diverse parts.
We can perform interoperability testing in order to inspect the capability of the software’s interaction with other systems/software or software components, verifying that there is no loss of data, unreliable performance and unreliable or incorrect operation.
This can range from your software’s interworking with different operating systems and devices, to operations with different file types within applications.

Regression Testing

In this era where technology needs to adapt in order to stay relevant and up to date throughout its entire life cycle, regression testing is critical in confirming that your updates and adaptions do not cause adverse effects to other areas of the software.
We can perform regression testing on new versions of firmware or application software releases, whether it’s during pre-production or mid-life commercial deployment, ensuring that performance of the product is maintained and any regression occurred as a side-effect of the change is caught before release.

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