An often overlooked, but critical decision faced by companies when establishing a new product or service is, understanding what testing should be carried out and why.

We can guide you through the decision-making process, helping you to interpret the benefits of the different testing styles we offer, ensuring your customers’ expectations will be exceeded and giving your device the highest chance of success in the market.

Assessing the testing needs of a new product can ultimately be the deciding factor on its success.

Under-testing can lead to poor quality and issues appearing in the market, but over-testing can be inefficient, unnecessary and expensive. The processes used throughout the development of a product can also lead to delays, duplication, inefficiency and added expense.

Our team possess insights gathered from years of practical experience working closely with software development teams and running test cycles.

With our consultancy services, we aim to aid in bringing a quality product to market by examining and devising solutions for the following:

  • Test Planning
  • Product Specification Analysis
  • Test Requirement Assessment
  • Test Case/Plan Creation
  • Project Management
  • Issue Reporting Solutions

We provide a range of flexible models to bring together the appropriate professional and technical solutions to form a bespoke package for your individual needs.

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