By utilising our network of global partners, Paragon are able to offer approval solutions for global and regional certification schemes and regulatory bodies.

Global Certification Forum

GCF Certification exists to enable manufacturers to ensure their latest smartphones, handsets and wireless devices will work correctly on the world’s mobile networks.

GCF Certification demonstrates that your device conforms to international standards for mobile technologies. Devices that conform to these global standards can enjoy success in multiple markets.
The standardised, rigorous and trusted testing framework maintained by GCF Certification cuts total testing costs for device manufacturers and network operators.

GCF certification is recognised and accepted by the world’s leading operator groups.

All types of devices incorporating mobile connectivity can be certified, from feature phones, smartphones, tablets, USB modems, portable Wi-Fi hotspots and connected consumer products to M2M/IoT devices.

GCF Field Trials

Testing against field trial scenarios on live networks provides invaluable insight into the real-world interoperability of a product.

For each feature being tested, GCF Field Trials evaluates the performance and behaviour of a terminal on a number of live commercial networks with different infrastructures, in static and dynamic radio environments, which cannot be achieved by simulator tests under laboratory conditions.

GCF Field Trials testing includes GERAN, UTRAN, eUTRAN and IMS test cases.


GCF Interoperability (IOP) testing extends the testing on terminals supporting end to end and application features more extensively.
This includes testing for MMS (OMA) and UICC based NFC (GSMA).

Further details can be found on the GCF website.

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With PTCRB certification, operators and device manufacturers are confident of a device’s interoperability with mobile networks.

Established in 1997 by leading wireless operators in the US, PTCRB defines the test requirements to verify compliance with global industry standards for wireless cellular devices. Member operators are committed to ensuring device quality through a rigorous certification process. Without PTCRB certification, manufacturers run the risk that their devices will be blocked on wireless networks.

PTCRB certifies mobile devices including smartphones, laptops, and IoT product categories such as wearables, routers, payment systems, meter readers, automotive navigation systems, GPS telematics, and more. Test requirements are established as per the product specifications and are unique for each device. Test progress is monitored and managed by the Paragon team to ensure that any issues encountered are swiftly resolved and test schedule is not compromised. Once testing has been completed and declaration is submitted, it is reviewed by CTIA to ensure all requirements have been met before certification can be completed.

Certification for Modules

“Modules” are fully tested and certified, similar to a mobile device. They follow the PTCRB certification process and receive their own designated PTCRB certification. PTCRB certification is available for testing and validating radio and protocol conformance. Modules hold a special certification designation within PTCRB.

Certification for Integrated Devices

To speed up time-to-market and save on development and testing costs, device manufacturers and integrators can build their product using a PTCRB-certified module. Devices that incorporate PTCRB-certified modules are called “Integrated Devices”. Integrated devices have the benefit of already having had the vast majority of test cases completed when the module was certified. The only testing required is typically limited to interfaces such as the SIM, power, and antenna. Manufacturers who integrate a PTCRB-certified module in their device follow the same step-by-step process as other devices with the exception that the integrator shall indicate which certified module they are using when entering their product into the PTCRB database.

Further details can be found on the PTCRB website.
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Android Compatibility

It is recommended that devices running an Android OS to have completed compatibility testing, whether that device is a phone, tablet, smart watch, TV device, in-car system or indeed any other incarnation of Android that may be available. In addition, it is essential for any android device utilising the Google Mobile Services (GMS) out of the box to obtain approval from Google prior to launch.

Paragon can evaluate your product and establish an Android compatibility test plan to ensure that the required test suites are covered without unnecessary testing being performed.

Android compatibility testing comprises of the following test suites:

Compatibility Test Suite (CTS)

The Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) is a commercial-grade test suite developed by Google themselves. The CTS represents the "mechanism" of compatibility.
The CTS runs on a desktop machine and executes test cases directly on attached devices. Its intent is to reveal incompatibilities early on, and ensure that the software remains compatible throughout the development process.

CTS Verifier

The Compatibility Test Suite Verifier (CTS Verifier) is a supplement to the CTS. CTS Verifier provides tests for APIs and functions that cannot be tested on a stationary device without manual input (e.g. audio quality, accelerometer, etc).

GMS Test Suite (GTS)

The GTS is aimed at ensuring the compatibility between a device and Google mobile applications that are part of the GMS.

Vendor Test Suite (VTS)

The Android Vendor Test Suite (VTS) provides extensive new functionality for Android testing and promotes a test-driven development process.

Further details can be found on the CTS website.
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Global Type Approval

Regulatory, technical and safety requirements vary considerably across the globe.
The knowledge, experience and qualifications held at Paragon and our global partnership network allows us to provide regulatory certification solutions as well as advice, test management and consultancy services in regions including:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Asia

Our Certification Services

Where accreditation outside Paragon’s current scope is required to perform testing and achieve certification, testing will be carried out by one of our partners and managed by Paragon, allowing for a single point of contact across all schemes to improve efficiency and reduce overall costs.

Paragon are also able to perform pre-testing or development stage testing using elements from any and all of these schemes, tailored to the needs of your product in order to achieve confidence in the system without the costs of certification or prior to any required official certification.

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