Whether an application is embedded into a device or is made available for third party installation, it is essential that it always performs to the expected level, providing a flawless user experience and boosting user satisfaction and retention. We use a variety of techniques to ensure that this is the case for your applications.

AQuA – App Quality Alliance

As an affiliate of the App Quality Alliance, Paragon offer testing against AQuA Testing Criteria.
The AQuA Testing Criteria provides tests that complement the functional testing carried out during development, and includes a range of non-functional, usability, installation, performance, compatibility and functional sanity testing.

Test Criteria for Android Apps 

Mobile applications are tested for a number of reasons, chief among these are the needs to protect the customer and the vendor from software which does not work properly or exhibits malicious behaviour.

The variety of applications is huge and is growing daily so there is a clear need to tailor testing to the level of complexity.

Performance Testing Criteria for Android and iOS Applications

The tests are used to analyse the network performance of an app for issues such as excessive radio resource use and inefficient design of data transmission, which can cause a huge drain on the device's battery. These can also result in a slowness of the application and cause more data to be transferred across cellular connections, resulting in higher data charges for the user.

Accessibility Testing Criteria

This set of Accessibility Testing Criteria is intended to be used to check the accessibility of an application for users with impairments in one or more categories of vision, colour perception, hearing, speech, dexterity, or cognition on an Android Device.

Find out more about AQuA on their website.

In addition to our AQuA based testing, Paragon offer a range of other application testing services which can be used in conjunction with AQuA testing or as a standalone solution tailored to your individual needs.

Compatibility Testing

When developing an application which can be installed by a third party, it could potentially reach a huge variety of different device types and styles across the globe. Compatibility testing is key in ensuring that your application functions correctly on all supported platforms.

Our compatibility testing services are highly flexible, evaluating your application on different platforms, in a number of different locations and conditions, with a wide range of variables.

Destructive Testing

It is vital to test the fail-safe procedures of an application by deliberately performing incorrect actions, for example; not completing required fields, entering incorrect values, or exceeding any restrictions within the software. Even though it is expected that the process will fail it is important that the failure is handled in the correct way and does not cause further issue to the end user.

Destructive testing is key towards the end of the development and testing cycle, adding the final piece of mind that, even in the hands of an inexperienced (or a deliberately destructive) user, your application is robust enough to handle these unexpected inputs.

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