Every customer will have different needs and requirements, whether you’re selling directly to the end user of via a middle man such as a network operator or distributor. Meeting these requirements, particularly for a product with multiple customers, while maintaining test efficiency, can be a real challenge. With vast experience and understanding of the requirements of both mobile network operators and end users we can offer a bespoke testing service designed to efficiently meet the needs of all parties.


Operator Acceptance Testing (OAT)

Each operator has their own requirements which often includes a combination of Field Trials and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) testing.

There are a vast number of KPIs which can be tested including data performance, audio quality, call/SMS success rate, battery performance, power on/network selection time etc.
At Paragon, we are able to offer manual Field Trials testing and KPI analysis to meet the requirements of any major mobile network operator. In addition, we can also automate large parts of the process to increase efficiency, improve testing consistency and reduce costs.

Our test automation system offers and end-to-end solution for both manufacturer and operator alike. A device can be tested in an identical manner on multiple networks simultaneously to ensure stability and performance levels are maintained across different networks. Alternatively, multiple devices can be tested on the same network in order to compare performance and identify potential issues in a product.
The automation system is able to identify and analyse over 100 KPIs, providing clear and detailed reports on the findings.

Validate – Device Technical Verification

Optimise your test campaign by automating and reproducing any user condition and retrieve data on maturity, functionality and performance. Suited to any sized field or lab test and validation teams of equipment vendors, MNOs and Manufacturers.

Launch – Device Market Readiness

Run a preconfigured or tailored set of product assessment KPIs and visualise a ready-to-exploit dashboard of KPIs, pointing out any issues before your customers do!

Compare – Device or Network Benchmarking

Gain meaningful device and network comparative behaviour data, pinpointing the topics of concern to you, displayed in detailed, objective, automated reports giving accurate comparative data and ranking.

Check – Network Service Evaluation

Benefit from our Bot, Probe and Viewer features in one single package, providing an all-in-one end to end solution enabling you to complete ATAWAD testing. (Any Time, AnyWhere, Any Device)

Expertise – Consulting, Customisation Execution & Support

Get the best from a team of recognised experts who will adapt to your individual needs, helping you streamline your testing and provide visual reporting aids.

For more information about our automation system and the KPIs that it covers contact us to request an information pack.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

During UAT, the software is tested to make sure it can handle required tasks in real-world scenarios, according to specifications and end user expectations. UAT is one of the final and critical software project procedures that must occur before newly developed software is rolled out to the market.

Using a variety of test techniques, during our UAT we aim to answer questions such as:

  • Can the user use the software?
  • Is it really what they asked for?
  • Do they have trouble using it?
  • Does it behave as anticipated?

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